Vajrapani Statue with Fire Aureole II

Vajrapani Statue with Fire Aureole II

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Finely crafted copper statue of Vajrapani with Fire Aureole, fully gilded in gold with colourful detailing. The face is delicately hand painted with pure gold pigment. Made in Nepal, each statue is carefully selected for the Ratna Shop based on its overall elegance, graceful proportions and accuracy in depicting the deity it represents.

Vajrapani, "he who grasps the thunderbolt in his hand", is regarded as one of the three main enlightened protectors of the Buddha. He symbolizes the Buddha’s mighty prowess. He is also the protector of the rain-controlling Nagas; therefore, in India Vajrapani is often invoked during droughts. Here, in his wrathful form, he has one face, two arms, and is adorned with the 8 classes of Naga snakes as necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Statues are hollow, and should be filled with mantras, incense, and precious substances before practicing upon. Through the generous efforts of our in-house Lama who has received these instructions from a genuine master, you can request your statue to be filled here before shipping. To avoid extra delays, simply add a comment in the shopping cart.

When handling or cleaning your statue, take extreme care particularly with the face, as the pure gold pigment is very delicate, and any repairs would need to take place in Nepal. Please also set the intention to meet with an authentic master to have your statue consecrated directly.

Measures 13.5 x 9 x 6 cm, with a weight (before filling) of 700g.