Gomde was created through donations and volunteer labour, and these still keep it going today. Every penny made from donations, and sales made at the Rinchen Shop goes into Gomde's preservation, expansion, and activity, allowing countless people to study and practice the precious Buddhist teachings.

At the heart of the Dharma (Buddhist doctrine) is loving affection, compassion and wisdom, which must be personally realized for the benefit of all beings.

With a donation to Gomde you help ensure that many people can practice and spread these noble values, and by doing so you make a very precious contribution to the well-being of all.

Likewise, through our activities and donations, we support the Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery in Kathmandu and also the aid organization Shenpen, which is involved in numerous social programs in Nepal.

So, your donation is working all over the world to increase compassion, wisdom, and happiness.

On you can find different projects, that you can support specifically.