Collection: 108 Bead Malas

Mala is a popular Sanskrit term for a rosary or string of prayer beads. In Tibetan, Treng-wa. The Buddhist mala is composed of 108 beads plus a larger “guru bead” and serves to conveniently count our mantra recitations. The practice of mantra recitation has flourished for untold millennia to help focus the mind, cultivate calmness, purify negative emotions, and gain wisdom. Thus, the mala is an important tool to strengthen and maintain mindfulness, and often signifies a new practitioner’s first steps on their dharma path.

Our malas are made and designed here in Gomde using the finest quality natural wooden beads, seeds, and gemstones. Select a mala that complements your personal energy or promotes a quality you wish to cultivate. Over time, your mala will be imbued with the positive intent you have accumulated through using it.

108 Bead Malas

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