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*Exclusive* 21 Taras Statue Set

*Exclusive* 21 Taras Statue Set

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In collaboration with our most trusted statue makers in Nepal, this exquisite set was developed exclusively for Rinchen Shop to support and encourage our dedicated Tara practitioners.

Arya Tara, Jetsün Dölma in Tibetan, is the most popular female deity in Tibet. In Sanskrit, her name means ‘savioress’ or ‘protector’. She is revered as a fully enlightened buddha who manifests in 21 different aspects, each with its distinct form of blessing.

Here, Arya Tara is depicted with her right hand in the mudra of giving protection, while her left hand is in the mudra of granting fearlessness. Her left foot is folded up in meditation while her extended right leg keeps her grounded in the realm of suffering beings whom she will never forsake. The 20 peaceful Taras are all in the same pose, while the scowling wrathful Tara clutches a phurba dagger.

Seated on individual lotus thrones, the 20 peaceful Taras hold the stem of a lotus flower in their left hands. They are adorned with exquisite costumes and ornaments. Balanced on the lotus blossom blooming above their left shoulder is the symbolic attribute that distinguishes the Taras from one another. The implements are:

1. Conch shell, 2. Mirror, 3. Wishfulfilling jewel, 4. Vase of longevity nectar, 5. Magnetizing bow & arrow, 6. Phurba dagger, 7. Flaming sword, 8. Flaming vajra, 9. Dharma Wheel, 10. Victory banner, 11. Treasure vase, 12. Infinity knot, 13. Open wrathful vajra, 14. Wooden pestle, 15. Pacifying vase, 16. Double-dorje, 17. Stupa, 18. Hare moon, 19. Parasol, 20. Medicine jar, 21. Two golden fish

These copper statues are fully gilded in gold, and each face is delicately and uniquely hand painted with pure gold pigment.

Each statue measures 8 x 10 x 5cm, with a weight (before filling) of 200g.

An exquisite addition to your shrine to support and enhance your visualisation practices.

Deity Qualities at a Glance

Statue Care

You can use a simple feather duster, or a clean, soft cloth to wipe the body of the statue.

Take care to avoid the face, as the pure gold pigment is very delicate, and any repairs would need to take place in Nepal.

For travel and when handling, it is important to wrap the face using the mask it came with, or cotton wool with masking tape to secure.

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  • Handmade in Nepal

    Each of our statues is carefully selected from our dedicated suppliers in Nepal especially for the Rinchen Shop based on their overall elegance, graceful proportions and accuracy in depicting the deity it represents.

  • Statue Filling Service

    Statues are hollow, and should be filled with mantras, incense, and precious substances before practicing upon. Through the generous efforts of our in-house Lama, you can request your statue to be filled here before shipping.

    Making a Donation to the Lama 

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