Turning the Wheel of Truth

Turning the Wheel of Truth

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Commentary on the Buddha's First Teaching.

Buddhist teachings like the eightfold path, the four noble truths, and karma pervade Buddhist literature—but how often do we read what the Buddha himself had to say about these topics? Here is an accessible look at the Buddha’s First Discourse, which contains the foundation for all further Buddhist teaching. Ajahn Sucitto offers a new translation of this revolutionary teaching, known as The Discourse That Sets Turning the Wheel of Truth. He then walks us through the text, offering engaging and practical point-by-point commentary that makes the Buddha’s words come alive and reveals how the text’s wisdom can inspire our own liberation.

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Paperback: 225 pages
Author: Ajahn Sucitto
Publisher: Shambhala (2010)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781590307649