Sandalwood Wrist Mala - 27 Beads

Sandalwood Wrist Mala - 27 Beads

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Strung on cord with 27 wood beads. Wood malas, which feel comfortably warm and fragrant in the hand during mantra recitation, are most commonly used among the monks and nuns as they are relatively light and hard-wearing for many hours spent in meditation.

  • 8mm bead
  • 20cm circumference
  • sturdy synthetic cord with adjustable design
  • 27 beads

Made here at Gomde. If you would like the size adjusted, we can add or remove beads to suit. Please specify your request in the order notes.

In the buddhist tradition, strings of beads (in multiples of 18, 21 or 27) are often used for the practice of mantra recitation to help to focus the mind, cultivate calmness, and to gain wisdom and purification.

Are you purchasing this as a gift? Consider pairing it with one of our beautiful mala bags to ensure its protection and create a truly special gift.