Rakta Substance
Rakta Substance

Rakta Substance

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‘A Continuous Downpour of Rakta’, Khyentse Do-Ngag Lingpa’s blessed samaya sacrament.

In tantric practices, this special rakta sacrament, composed of 35 substances, is mixed with black tea in order to prepare rakta, one of the essential inner offerings used during the practice of sadhanas categorized as the Inner Tantras, especially imperative during feast offerings or ‘tsok’ (Tib. ‘gatherings’). Black tea is poured into a kapala to which a tiny amount of rakta is added. Thus, it is essential that one has arranged on one’s personal shrine a pair of kapalas during these ritual practices.

You can find both rakta & amrita spoons, and kapala sets on our shop to accompany your practice.

Contains ~4 grams.