Wang Dü Prayer Flags, 20x20cm
Wang Dü Prayer Flags, 20x20cm

Wang Dü Prayer Flags, 20x20cm

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Wang Dü prayer, or The Great Cloud of Blessings, is the extraordinary prayer that magnetizes all phenomena in existence. It can be said to have two main effects: an outer and an inner one. By relying on the prayer, one gains in the outer sense, the ability to benefit all living beings; while its inner effect offers one the ability to control discursive thoughts, and thereby attain unrestrained control of the body and the mind.

Kurukulle is depicted in the center surrounded by the tibetan inscriptions in golden yellow. If you would like the printed prayer, place a note at checkout whether you would like this in english or geman and we can prepare one to accompany your flag. It is the first time this flag has been available in the West!

It is said that when the prayer flags flap in the wind, the spiritual powers of the sacred images and scriptures are carried by the wind to create goodwill and positive energy to benefit those in the area. Hanging prayer flags is considered an act of merit that increases positive opportunities.

Generally speaking, Mondays and Fridays are the most effective days to hang your prayer flags.  Ideally, the flags should be hung in the morning. When the flags are faded and ready to be replaced, customarily they are carefully taken down and burned or otherwise respectfully disposed of.  For a joyful start to the New Year, Tibetan “Losar” (New Year) is considered the most auspicious time to replace faded or tattered prayer flags.

Set of 10 red cotton flags. Each flag measures 20x2cm. Complete length is 2 metres.