Tall Phurba with Mantra
Tall Phurba with Mantra

Tall Phurba with Mantra

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The phurba, or wrathful ritual dagger, represents wrathful male energy that liberates whatever needs to be liberated. The three-sided blade of the dagger, that issues from the jaws of a Makara, cuts through the three poisons of hatred, ignorance, and clinging. The triangular shape represents the fire element, and the braided Naga tails embossed on each side of the blade issue from the Makara’s mouth since the phurba is often used to ritually subdue troublesome Nagas. The dagger is topped with three faces, above two woven knots, to represent three yidam deities who imbue the dagger with power.

Measures 20cm

Stand is sold separately. Pictured here is the 6cm Phurba Stand.