Hammered Singing Bowl – 14cm
Hammered Singing Bowl – 14cm

Hammered Singing Bowl – 14cm

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A ‘Tibetan Singing Bowl’ is an instrument that produces a rich, deep tone when it is struck with its accompanying wooden mallet. The sound is said to promote a peaceful, relaxed, meditative state of mindfulness. Therefore, they are popular for use as a “gong” to signal start or conclusion of a meditation session.

This singing bowl is forged from brass, with a decorative hammered effect and elegant engraved finish. Each bowl comes with a wooden striker.

Please note, cushions are sold separately. Our 14cm Ring Cushion is perfectly suited to support this bowl, and is available in a variety of colours and patterns to choose from.

Inner diameter measures 14cm, and weight is ~960g

To hear its sound klick here: