Fine Quality Bell & Dorje I – Ani
Fine Quality Bell & Dorje I – Ani
Fine Quality Bell & Dorje I – Ani

Fine Quality Bell & Dorje I – Ani

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The vajra (Tib. dorje) is a ritual object symbolizing compassionate male energy, and the indestructible diamond-like properties of our inherent Buddha-nature. It is the unshakeable scepter wielded by peaceful Vajrayana deities, and the invincible weapon wielded by wrathful Vajrayana deities.

A vajra, always held in the right hand, can be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 9-pronged, each symbolizing a specific activity. Our 5-pronged vajras are among the most commonly used.

The accompanying hand bell (Tib. dril bu) symbolizes female energy, or wisdom, and is held in the left hand. Both are cast in bell-metal bronze using a sand-casting method. The brass handle of the bell, cast in lost wax, is carved in the shape of a half-vajra.

The bell is 15.5cm tall with a diameter of 8cm. The dorje measures 11cm.

Together, the vajra and bell (Skt. ghanta) are essential to tantric practice and represent wisdom and compassionate activity indivisible. Since bells are cast individually, each bell reverberates with its own particular sound.

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