Colourful Deity Necklace
Colourful Deity Necklace

Colourful Deity Necklace

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These bold and colourful necklaces are a wonderful way to carry a reminder of the enlightened mind of the deity close to you.

Displayed in full colour on a slim, light-weight, double-sided pendant, the deity appears on the front, and displayed in circular format on the reverse is the associated mantra. Choose from a selection of popular emanations: Guru Rinpoche, Kurukulle, or Chenrezig.

The burgundy satin cord is detailed with wooden beads which allow for the length to be adjusted. Pendant measures 3.5cm in diameter.

Known as the Lord of Compassion, Chenrezig appears in numerous manifestations. Here, he manifests with 11 heads and 1000 arms. On the pendant's reverse side is his short powerful six-syllable mantra, Om Ma Ni Pad Mé Hum, inscribed in Tibetan script. This powerful mantra invokes his blessings to purify our misdeeds, increase our loving kindness and compassion, and bring us closer to enlightenment in the quickest, easiest way.

Kurukulle, or Pema Khandro, a female deity of the Lotus family, is associated with the activity of magnetizing good fortune in order to help us remove obstacles. With a compassionate goal, her virtuous practice helps create auspicious conditions in support of important endeavors, tame our obstacles to practice, attract positive circumstances and bring us closer to awakening.

Guru Rinpoche, also known as Padmasambhava, is the Indian spiritual master who established Vajrayana Buddhism in 8th century Tibet. Embodying the union of wisdom and compassion, his sacred mantra, which is on the pendant's reverse side, invokes the blessings of liberation and enlightenment.