The Intelligent Heart: A Guide to the Compassionate Life

The Intelligent Heart: A Guide to the Compassionate Life

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Compassion arises naturally when one comes to perceive the lack of solid distinction between self and other.

The Buddhist practice known as tonglen—in which one consciously exchanges self for other - is a skillful method for getting to that truthful perception. In this, his commentary on the renowned Tibetan lojong (mind training) text the Seven Points of Mind Training, Dzigar Kongtrul reveals tonglen to be the true heart and essence of all mind-training practices. He shows how to train the mind in a way that infuses every moment of life with uncontrived kindness toward all.

"A profound new approach to awakening readers’ loving hearts to the essence of bodhisattva wisdom: cherishing others more than oneself. This jewel of a book teaches us how to shower the light-of-love into even the darkest corners of our stressed world." —Tulku Thondup, author of The Heart of Unconditional Love


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Paperback: 248 pages
Author: Dzigar Kongtrul and Joseph Waxman
Language: English
ISBN: 9781611801781